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April 17, 2011
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April Showers - May Flowers by rockgem April Showers - May Flowers by rockgem
March winds and April showers, Bring forth the May flowers

fractal manipulation pieced together using fractals rendered in apophysis and edited together using photoshop.
some of the pieces used in this can be found in my fractal stock folder.

All images and literature/written work in =rockgem's gallery are Gemma Hart. All rights reserved. Reproduction and/or retransmission of all or any part of this gallery are prohibited under copyright law. Users desiring to reproduce or retransmit all or any part of this gallery must first secure in writing the appropriate copyright and other authorization from the copyright owner. My work is not public domain.
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rockgem Mar 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
thankyou kindly for the compliment :aww: its been a while since i made a floral composition like this - i really ought  get to making more!
oh for sure
rockgem Mar 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
thankyou for sneaking my work into your feature :hug:
love your fractal manips!! Your art is very unique!!!
rockgem Dec 30, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
you are most kind thankyou for your compliment - i'm glad you like my work :hug:
Thank you very much!! Your fractal art is so imaginative and incredible. I used to use Apophysis myself a few years ago when I had a PC...but now I have a Mac and can't find an Apophysis program that will work on my Mac! I never got as good as you...but I loved that program the best!
If I use your work, can I post it not only here but off site?....full credit given and links sent to you of course!
rockgem Jan 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
well i first used apophysis back in december 2008 a friend of mine on here ~VirginPrune suggested i try it out - which i did but he didn't tell me how to use the program any so i just muddled through and got a few interesting shapes, which i then took into photoshop and used them in a collage like fashion to make my work :giggle: its a little quirky and out of the box for fractal art but it works for me :aww:
every time i look for a new computer and i say i like to do digital art they try to sell me a Mac, while they are amazing i know so many other artists have had troubles geting fractal software to run on them
if you use my work its fine to share offsite as long as you link in, most the time i say for use on site only but generally if people ask nice then i say yes :aww:
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