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Apr 24, 2014
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Apr 24, 2014
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Apr 24, 2014
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Apr 24, 2014
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happy holidays:)
Sun Dec 8, 2013, 12:52 PM
hi there
Fri Nov 22, 2013, 4:42 PM
hello this is me shouting :)
Tue Oct 1, 2013, 12:44 PM
this shoutbox has been neglected for 6 months - poor shoutbox! does no-one shoutbox any more ?
Sat Jun 22, 2013, 11:54 AM
Goodbye 2012 and Happy New year 2013 to all in shoutbox land! :party:
Mon Dec 31, 2012, 9:04 AM
:party: Happy Birthday :party:May All Your Wishes Come True :heart:
Wed Oct 3, 2012, 9:56 PM
Happy Birthday! :cake:
Wed Oct 3, 2012, 6:35 PM
Love ya Gem! :D
Mon Sep 3, 2012, 5:48 PM
:wave: Hi! Thanks for the :+fav:
Wed Jun 13, 2012, 6:42 AM
more shenanigans in the shoutbox please!
Tue Jun 12, 2012, 6:38 AM

Ready to go! (almost...)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 3:21 AM
Eyes-header2 by rockgem

  • All my Bags are packed!

Bags packed ready for the weekend :la:  Just a few last min things to throw in the mix,
I’ve got over the desire to try to fit the contents of 2 wardrobes and chest of drawers into 2 small cases and a tote bag :lmao: - just need to add shoes, comb and camera and then I am set! :eager:
I’m not sure when in my life I became a total ‘girly-girl’ about packing but it seems that this once I really have :faint: - shoot me now….

I have a couple more days to work then I escape for the week ! :la: Ok one of those days is a Friday evening right before I leave and then there is a 4 hour drive ( feel sorry for my boyfriend-shaped-creature as he is the one doing the driving!) but he has the caffeine at the ready  

I will be scheduling a few posts (mainly my NaPo ones)  but I won’t actually be here --I might stop by if time allows it but chances are slim,  so apologies in advance for any delays in answering messages and responding and such  but I will get back to you all as soon as I am actually able to do so!

Not to mention you know I get all shutter-happy when it comes to interesting places  so expect photography from me when I get back! ( eventually I still have a lot of other images to edit!)

  • Whitby Feature

Just cause this is where I am off to for the Goth Weekend - I thought I’d share some works from fellow deviants  seeing as I can‘t take you lot with me :P

Whitby Abbey by camperman999 water on the rocks by Dune-sea Place of worship by WhoAreYou1978
High above by WhoAreYou1978 Days gone by by WhoAreYou1978 When the boat comes in by WhoAreYou1978
Life boat by WhoAreYou1978 Whale bone view by WhoAreYou1978 Moon Gazing by ProtectingHands
Untitled by ProtectingHands harbour grey by Dune-sea Whitby Harbour by MountyMacabre
Twilight at the Abbey by MountyMacabre Old Whitby by Dune-sea Whitby Abbey by Amanda-Jackson
coastal sunset by Dune-sea walkway 2 by markwithy Lobster trap by Dune-sea

The Devil Comes to Whitby“One must be possessed of the Devil to succeed in any of the arts.”
When darkness falls the Devil comes to Whitby.
As the sun fades, an old man sits writing in his study. He has lost track of time, though he knows from the light that it is evening and the day is almost spent. He has been sitting here for hours, his head bowed, spine arched from the back of the chair. The study is warm. The house quiet. The soft sound of pen against paper fills the room.
Outside the great bay windows, the seaside town of Whitby passes him by. Traffic backs up in the road; a line of brake-lights glaring like red eyes through his window. Sometimes, as now, the road is busy. Cars shudder and moan as they inch slowly forwards, exhaust fumes pouring into the cold. If he looks carefully, he can see figures in the drivers’ seats. Faceless shapes press against the car windows, their mouths long, eyes wide, limbs thin and hard from living. Life makes ghouls of most men, he thin
Hilde Of Whitbyaegiandyad - 22 Feb 2012 17:48:05 (#227 of 377)
Hilde of Whitby (c.614-680) was a pagan at age 13 and became a nun at 33 because her sister, who was queen, trained in a great Paris monastery. Hilde wanted to follow but Aiden called her back to England. Northumbrian Christianity was influenced by Iona and Lindisfarne. Aiden, its most successful bishop, came out of Iona, since the Celtic Church as such did not exist. Hild was sent to Hartlepool where she put the first community of women in order.
It appears to have been a double house, where both sexes lived together but did not necessarily pray together. This concept of the double house was shared by Anglo-Saxons and the Frankish Kingdoms. Archaeological investigations show a large cemetery filled with men women and children. The monastery filled the headland. Extensive sites have been excavated, finding stone foundations and half timbered buildings, the centre of which were the Church and the liturgical buildings.There seem to have bee
In the graveyard near my home
Where I often walk at night alone,
It seems no one ever goes there
Like there is no one at all to care.
The church is shabby and it's small
The grounds are worth nothing at all,
It's really only for kids to scare
Their younger siblings on a dare.
The church bells ring once a week
For those who are there to seek,
Something that's bigger than us all
Like oceans blue and mountains tall.
They want to believe this isn't it
That when hearts give in and quit,
They will be there waiting at the end
Long lost love and forgotten friend.
Say they believe with all their might
And yet invisible in broad daylight,
Lays that graveyard near my home
Where I often walk at night alone.

Sitting all alone
Where noone eles has known
The weight of the world is far away from me
Energy of something more to me
A dark esence grabs my heart
It's where I'm ment to be
I breathe the air so clear my life starts here
It's getting darker
My hearts anxious of what I am to see
I know
I will find my way
Somehow it will come true
If my heart does'nt forsake whitby
So high above the turquiouse waters
I look across the misty sea and dream
My sweet desires are among me
Silent, still with the night chill
Unspoken and said all
This time there is no fall
Whitby AbbyHeavy sun drenched days
roll in to moonlit mourning
slow waves over jagged cliffs breaking,
refined memories etched into gravestones
The 200 steps of Whitby198 steps
through a wheezing crowd to see the skeleton of faith
purcased by capitalism and rented out as a dream to fill notebooks, photo albums, web pages
heritage never comes for free these days
the cliffs along Whitby white and distant as old maidens whipped by waves and flashing cameras
you wonder if that was what Henry Freeman was dreaming of as he fought his wet battles -
if the crowds would see, 150 years from then, what he fought to protect
and if they would still be grateful
198 steps
when the cobbled path beside the steps is so much easier to ascend
up to the gravestones, yellowed and gouged -
you can put your finger inside and feel the hole where someone's name used to be
their memorial eaten away and forgotten;
by now they could be anyone
and even Henry would not be able to pick out the names of his twelve lost mates -
if ever they were given headstones;
but who knows which gods they prayed to at their time of death
198 steps
a perfect view 150 years since and more for thos

Abby WallsAbby Walls
Sing to me cracked walls
Of the days of old
When towers reached towards the sky
And windows closed out the world
Whisper to me falling walls
Of the voices that used to echo
Through your arched ceilings
Long before my voice is pulled away by the wind
Speak to me dampened stone
Of the days long past
When holy water only ever touched your inner walls
Even when it hardly ever fell
Tell me high towers
Of the way the sun once touched you
Warm caresses to greet the morning
And its soft kiss good night
Teach me old walls
The message god surely sent
Telling the ending of your glory
And the falling of your abby tower
Tell me open windows
Of the colorful shadows your glass once made
And of the sound that echoed
When it all came crashing down
Yell oh crumbling walls
Of your pain and devastation
As one more chip of rock falls away
Tugged by the ever angry sea wind
Watch for me high towers
In the days of the passing years
Watch over the high peaks
To the village that stands in your shadow
  Coach 'D'And the train sped past
Avenues of trees
Cattle and copses
Fields of mud and rape
Hedges and ditches
Bodies of water.
Snarling along -
Spitting out rails from
A jawful of metal.
  FadeThe sky darkened as we trundled
Reluctantly into more familiar grounds.
Overcast and sullen
Industrial bleakness
Wasteland-mundanity nearing home.
The sun's bright and overwhelming heat
Gaudy and the garish in the stark white day.
Black shiftless forms -
Night-creatures camera-caught
As if in headlight.
They have dissipated slowly;
Ashen faced and drained -
Dissolving to their respective places
With the passing storm.

  • Some Group & Community events

:icontoldbyfractalists: is holding a challenge - the theme is : The little mermaid

:icondouble-ducks: is holding an April Spring flower challenge

:iconwildcharmander: is holding a charity collaboration - THE WORLD’S GRUMPIEST CHARTIY COLLABORATION

:icondailyfractalfeatures: will be holding a contest starting in May - the theme is yet to be announced
But there is a poll to vote on one of the three choices here…

  • Upcoming Contest

I’m looking at possibly hosting a contest  in the group DailyFractalFeatures that will look to start in MAY, at present I’m looking for prize donations and maybe an idea of the number of  people who might  be interested in taking part?
prizes can be anything, custom artworks, stamps, custom icons, llamas, cake badges, points, and  journal features.
I can say now there will be a first, second, and third place  as well as a selection of honourable mentions.

so far prizes start off with.. (updated)

:star: FIRST PLACE :star:

journal feature at DailyFractalFeatures
Journal feature at iManipulateFractals
custom icon from ladycompassion
50 points from ladycompassion
Journal feature from rockgem
fractal manipulation request from rockgem
100 points from rockgem
25 points from GypsyH

:star: SECOND PLACE :star:

journal feature  at DailyFractalFeatures
Journal feature at iManipulateFractals
Journal feature from rockgem
A small fractal manipulation request from rockgem
75 points from rockgem
15 points from GypsyH

:star: THIRD PLACE :star:

journal feature  at DailyFractalFeatures
Journal feature at iManipulateFractals
Journal feature from rockgem
A small fractal manipulation request from rockgem
50 points from rockgem
10 points from GypsyH


journal feature  at DailyFractalFeatures
Journal feature at iManipulateFractals
Journal feature from rockgem
10 points each from rockgem

  •   I forget stuff - remind me ?

I know I promised a few people various artworks and such but I have had (and still have) a lot on my plate if you think I have forgotten drop me a reminder note!

  • Birthdays…

I try to create a piece of art once a month and dedicate it to all those here on dA who have birthdays that particular month

For the January Babies!
For the February Babies!
For the March Babies!
For the April Babies !
For the May Babies! (work in progress)
For the June Babies! (pending)
For the July Babies! (pending)
For the August Babies! (pending)
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For the December Babies! (pending)


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Gem Hart
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I'm a Wolverhampton university graduate - semi-professional artist/freelance artist
I dabble in a little of everything including crafts although i tend towards Digital art especially fractal manipulation work.

I create and provide stock and resources for use on deviantART and occasionally try my hand at literature.

I've had work published in magazines & submitted to charity exhibitions. I held my first solo exhibition in May 2012 and took part in a collaborative exhibition in December 2012

I've been commissioned by 'too fast apparel' clothing
and taken part in local community events promoting market traders and local artists with displays of artwork in empty retail units and of late I've become a regular at several local craft fairs and markets helping to raise money for charity

In the future I'm looking to become more self-employed


:spotlight-right: Commission Work :spotlight-left:

I'm open for commissions!

:bulletblack: The price of a piece of work will depend a lot on what exactly you would want me to create and how long it will take me to complete - I’m open to negotiations - especially when it comes to traditional works that would require mailing. please factor in postage costs if that is the case!

:bulletblack: Please be fair and consider the time that some of my artworks take.

:bulletblack: commission work will be uploaded to dA but not submitted to be available for download or selling as a print -if it is a digital commission i will email your piece to you full-sized without watermarks etc.

:bulletblack: anything else just ask or drop me a note


All images and literature/written work in rockgem's gallery are © Gemma Hart. All rights reserved. Reproduction and/or retransmission of all or any part of this gallery are prohibited under copyright law. Users desiring to reproduce or retransmit all or any part of this gallery must first secure in writing the appropriate copyright and other authorization from the copyright owner. My work is not Public Domain.


:heart: Some of my work can also be found on here… the same copyright rules apply there.

:heart: Some of my work can also be found on here… the same copyright rules apply there.

:heart: find me on facebook

:heart: my website… ( still under construction!)

I Just Sold...

Koi Shoal by rockgem

Koi Shoal

8x10 Inch Print

DFF DailyFractalFeatures is going to be holding a FRACTAL/ FRACTAL MANIPULATION contest! & we're looking to choose a theme, should it be.... 

10 deviants said sun, sea and sand?
10 deviants said masks, faces and disguises?
7 deviants said buildings, ruins and city-scapes?


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Lupsiberg 1 day ago   General Artist
Thank you very much for the :+fav: :iconappleblossomplz:
rockgem 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
you are most welcome as always :hug:
Thank you for featuring Mrs a*'s piece on Hilde of Whitby. Whitby is, of cousre, famous for being the place at which Count Dracula landed when he came to England in the original Bram Stoker novel… .
rockgem 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
you are most welcome - and I know the connections with Literature - Dracula is a favourite Novel of mine - not to mention I have a love for old ruins and history and associated legends - Whitby Abbey is such an amazing place to visit - last time I was there I only had a couple of hours around it ( the boyfriend being inappropriate dressed for the weather) so I hope to have more time this trip. not to mention I want to take some time out to do a little fossil hunting along the coast - I hear its good for ammonites - as featured in the Whitby coat of arms - and associated with the legend of a saint turning snakes to stone - and now I am rambling :ashamed:
Our 'Jurassic' photos… , and the rest of the fossils… .
rockgem 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
thankyou for the links - i shall most certainly check them out :D
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thanks for adding :

Fleurs in your collection
rockgem 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
you are most very welcome :hug:
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Thanks for adding my work to your favorites!  Heart :heart: 
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Thanks for adding Dare To Be Different… to your collection.  Much appreciated.
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